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Stroke is a medical emergency. With timely treatment, the risk of death and disability from stroke can be lowered. It’s important to know the symptoms and act in time; the first 3 hours are critical, brain cells are dying.

Locate a primary stroke center
near you.

Stroke Survivors and Caregivers

One-stop access to information through the Stroke Association of Florida (SAF) website.

Brochure detailing the programs offered by SAF to be included in hospital discharge packets.

Website with a Resource Guide available in PDF format for easy printing; calendar of local support group meetings, events, health and wellness fairs and lectures; links to local and on-line support groups, community services and national organizations, books and magazines.

Resource Guide for stroke survivors, caregivers, counselors, health professionals and stroke group leaders both in print and on our website with information ranging from local support groups, rehabilitation services, home health care services, technological aids and more.

Newsletter detailing upcoming local events, stories from stroke survivors and national initiatives.

Ability resource fair offering products, services, and solutions for independent and assisted living

Caregiver retreat providing respite, support, information, motivational lectures, group sharing and pampering to caregivers.