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Stroke is a medical emergency. With timely treatment, the risk of death and disability from stroke can be lowered. It’s important to know the symptoms and act in time; the first 3 hours are critical, brain cells are dying.

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Kim Jamesis Executive Director of Stroke Association of Florida (SAF). Kim’s passion in life is to help others and improve outcomes for those living in difficult situations. She was the primary care manager for her father for ten years. In that time, she created systems to keep his medical information organized and available to health care professionals and family members. She has experienced firsthand the challenges of the caregiver process. Kim brings to SAF years of experience in training, planning, directing and overseeing organizational and operational policies, objectives and initiatives in the health care field.


Holly Dykemais Program Director of Stroke Association of Florida (SAF). Holly’s husband, Richard, had a severe stroke at the age of 50. This life changing event suddenly thrust them into new roles of stroke survivor and caregiver. The support and programs offered to them in Northern California were invaluable to them, especially since family members were 3000 miles away. Holly became passionate about helping others who are also experiencing the devastating aftermath of stroke. She brings to SAF years of experience from the corporate world, hands-on training from the Peninsula Stroke Association and a personal drive to help others. Holly is a member of the Sarasota County Aging Network (SCAN) Board and the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota Community Advisory Board.