Philip and Paola Hanaburgh
Date of Stroke
May 23, 2007
My name is Philip Hanaburgh. I had my stroke on May 23, 2007. I woke up at 7 AM and could not walk to the bathroom on my own. My wife Paola helped me. Upon returning to the bedroom, I collapsed to the floor, paralyzed on my entire left side. After a quick exam by paramedics I was taken to Cape Coral Hospital. There it was determined by a CT scan that I had a ruptured aneurysm sleeping for 50 years. No symptoms until it ruptured and it was non-operable. I was medflighted to Tampa General to see if they could save me. After more tests the doctors told my family they were sorry, but nothing could be done to save me. Oh, ye of little faith! Two years later I am still recovering well. If only those doctors could see me now! This stroke rocked our world off its balance. I am now helping other stroke survivors recover and my wife is doing the same for caregivers. I have been fortunate enough to have recovered to where I wrote a book, ARE YOU READY?, to help all those afflicted by this deadly killer.